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A Brief History of Software Protection and Licensing

Software disksUp until the 1980s, there were few if any licensing strategies, beyond simply selling a software program and hoping that it wouldn’t be copied.  Licensing wasn’t an issue for many early applications, because the software was shipped in a hard to copy format, such as proprietary game cassettes or on audio tapes, which were difficult to duplicate in the days before mass market cassette recorders.

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Eight Ways That Running A Marathon is Like Running A Marketing Campaign

Tim showing his Taft colors

Tim showing his Taft colors

When I founded Templeton Interactive several years ago, I needed a way to keep in shape and clear my head, while coming up with new and interesting ways to help my clients.  It turns out that running is a great way to do all of these things.  You’d be surprised how much brainstorming you can do while out on the road or trails for 3-4 hours at a time.


I caught the marathon bug in 2010, and most recently completed my fifth marathon, the Long Beach Marathon, in October 2013. During the long runs to prepare for these races, I started thinking about how similar marketing campaigns and marathons can be, and came up with eight insights I’d like to share.

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The Biggest Problem With Social Media That Almost Nobody Is Talking About, And What To Do About It


What’s the biggest problem with social media that almost nobody is talking about?  Information overload.  Successful social media is based on heavy sharing and high membership.  Yet, paradoxically, the more sharing is done, and the more members a network has, the less valuable social media becomes.  Follow this example.


Let’s say you’re an average social media user, with 50 Facebook friends, 75 LinkedIn  contacts, membership in 5 LinkedIn groups, and you’re following 50 Twitter accounts.  These are modest numbers – many fans of social media have much higher numbers than these.  Indeed, LinkedIn lets you follow up to 50 groups.


From my experience, social network activity (how much people post) varies widely.  Some people post very frequently, some never post,  and everyone else is somewhere in the middle.  (This doesn’t even take into account the social media holdouts – people who for reasons of personal preference, security concerns or workplace requirements cannot join these networks).  Continue reading

Is Social Media Right For Your Business?

A Guide for Getting Started


Social Media is such a hot topic these days.  It’s hard not to be curious about its potential for generating business, but it’s also easy to be confused about how to get started.  There are so many platforms targeting multiple audiences, each with a slightly different spin on how to encourage social sharing.  Usually the first question I have to answer for a client is whether social media is right for their business.  To answer that, I have to explain what social media really is.


My simple definition is that social media is any tool that allows people to have a group conversation.  This broad definition includes not just the popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but also email, video hangouts, texting and even blogs. Continue reading